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Public Policy — Empowering Agents for the Future


The Public Policy project — Empowering Agents for the Future aims to strengthen support capabilities in the definition and implementation of public policies, policy assessment and foresight — planning, design, adoption and implementation, monitoring and review — promoting methodologies and strengthening in-house skill sets within PlanAPP and in the public administration that are necessary to improve the drafting, implementation and assessment of public policies. Furthermore, Agents for the Future will have specific training in planning, assessment and foresight, as well as the dissemination of best practice in these areas.


  • Identify and promote access to innovative methodologies and instruments for planning, foresight, monitoring and public policy assessment;
  • Build PlanAPP workers’ ability to act as Agents for the Future in the public policy cycle;
  • Share and actively collaborate with the Public Administration’s Agents for the Future through the Planning and Foresight Network — REPLAN — the benchmark for maximising results in the public sector, thus generating positive impacts for society in general.