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Monitoring and Evaluation

Regulatory Impact Evaluation

The Regulatory Impact Evaluation Unit (UTAIL), part of the Multidisciplinary Monitoring and Evaluation Team, is responsible for:

a) Prepare, in liaison with the member of Government responsible for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, reports that contribute to the anticipation of the impact of legislative and other regulatory acts;

b) Provide technical support in the analysis of studies or regulatory impact evaluations developed by the European Commission in relation to proposals for directives and regulations, implementing measures to support ex ante analysis of their impacts, as well as subsequent transposition and implementation, in order to prevent gold-plating;

c) Promote capacity building on policy evaluation and legislative impact, in particular with bodies, services and governance areas;

d) Provide technical support in the impact analysis of proposals for directives and regulations developed by the European Commission.

Vera Barros

Technical Unit Coordinator
Biographical note

Graduate of Economics (Faculty of Economics at the University of Lisbon), Masters in Economics and European Studies (ISEG) and PhD in Economics (ISEG).

Principal consultant (since 2021) and associate consultant (2018-2020) of the Regulatory Impact Evaluation Unit.

Previously, she was research assistant at ISEG (2003-2004), lecturer at the Department of Management and Economics at the University of Madeira (2004-2014) and Senior Technician at the Office of Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations of the Ministry of Finance (2015-2018). She was also visiting assistant at the School of Economics and Management (2021).