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Monitoring and Evaluation

The Multidisciplinary Monitoring and Evaluation Team (EMMA) is made up of the Technical Units for Monitoring (UTM); for Evaluation (UTA); and for Regulatory Impact Evaluation (UTAIL).

Ana Salvado

Head of multidisciplinary team
Biographical note

She has a degree in Sociology from ISCTE-IUL (2003), a Master’s in Economics and Social Policy from ISEG (2008) with a paper on Social Protection for Disability in Portugal (1962-2007); and she is a PhD student in the Sociology PhD Programme at ISCTE-IUL carrying out research on the impact of Social Inclusion of the Disabled on Intimacy.

She was the Technical Secretary of the Strategic Management and Communication Unit of the Human Capital Operational Programme/PT 2020 (2016-2021), responsible for evaluation, monitoring and communication.

Previously, she was a researcher at the Institute for Social and Economic Studies, Deputy Director of the National Institute for Rehabilitation (MTSSS), responsible for the areas of research and development and for the coordination of Planning Instruments related to disability policies; she held the position of deputy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of State to the Minister and for Rehabilitation in the 17th Constitutional Government, with her main activities being the design and implementation of public policies for individuals with disabilities as part of the 1st Action Plan for the Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities (2006-2009).