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Information Systems Management

The Multidisciplinary Information Systems Management Team (EMGSI) pursues the following roles:

a) Design, implement and keep current PlanAPP´s entire technological ecosystem and internal applications and ensure the management, maintenance and updating of the physical and technological platform, networks and communications of PlanAPP´s domain;

b) Ensure support for the development, implementation and maintenance of PlanAPP information systems, epecially on Legislative Impact and Public Policy Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as other instruments, programmes or initiatives, in which PlanAPP may be involved;

c) Collaborate in the development of interoperability mechanisms for access to information systems and other public administration data sources, epecialy in terms of public policies and others relevant to PlanAPP’s activity;

d) Determine and implement rules and procedures for data security and information systems in the PlanAPP domain in accordance with standards, rules and regulations, in particular on the integrity of data ownership and confidentiality, with a view to the operationalisation of government models for information systems security;

e) Ensure compliance monitoring processes aimed at ensuring conformity with PlanAPP practices, standards and policies applicable in the fields of information security and protection of personal data;

f) Support the clarification and implementation of the risk management model, coordinating with other internal areas and observing compliance with security policies;

g) Promote and contribute to internal technological capacity-building in terms of training according to the policies defined by PlanAPP, in coordination with the units responsible for employees´ training and corporate capacity-building.

César Rosa

Head of multidisciplinary team
Biographical note

He has a degree in Computer Science from ISTEC (2001) and a Master’s in Information Systems Management from ISCTE-IUL (2007). With Specialised training in information systems management.

Since 2020, he has headed the division of the Planning, Organisation and Information Technology Unit of the Attorney General’s Office. Previously, he was coordinator of the Technological Resources Management Hub and Coordinator of the Partnership Agreement Core in the Information Systems Unit of the Development and Cohesion Agency (2014-2020) and responsible for the Information Technologies and Systems Hub of the NSRF Observatory (2008-2014).