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Strategic Communication

The Multidisciplinary Strategic Communication Team has the following roles:

a) Structure and operationalise PlanAPP’s communication strategy, highlighting the main planks of its activities;

b) Design and manage the means of promoting PlanApp´s corporate image and the dissemination of its work, including the website, social media pages, newsletters, magazines and publications, as well as ensuring excellent press relations;

c) Ensure, in partnership with other teams, the organisation of PlanAPP events, in particular the tasks arising from their various points in production and communication;

d) Disseminate PlanAPP´s studies and analyses as well as any programmes of reflection and debate on relevant topics which contribute to the expansion and dissemination of knowledge about public policy;

e) Monitor trends, gather information and disseminate knowledge about public policy, especially through media analysis and citizen consultation, which allow the public perception of democratic decision-making processes to be analysed;

f) Promote the circulation of information organised within PlanAPP by developing and managing the means available for this purpose, in particular the intranet;

g) Foster and consolidate a culture of knowledge and learning in PlanAPP, organizing initiatives aimed at creating, sharing and transferring knowledge between PlanAPP teams and carrying out interventions that contribute to a better knowledge of the organisation at the level of its skills and potential.

Manuel Esteves

Biographical note

He graduated in Economics from ISEG (University of Lisbon), with additional training associated with his career in journalism.

As a journalist he specialises in economic affairs. He has worked at the Jornal de Negócios since 2010, first as editor of the Economics Section, then as executive editor from 2017, directly supporting the newspaper’s management, including long-term planning, launching new projects and digital platforms management. Previously, he was a journalist and Economics editor at Diário Económico and Diário de Notícias covering the topics of Social Security, labour legislation, public administration, housing, companies, markets and finance. He is also a regular columnist and guest commentator in various media outlets.