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Foresight and Planning

The Multidisciplinary Foresight and Planning Team has the following competencies:

a) Coordinate the drafting of the proposed Major Options Bill (GO);

b) Coordinate the drafting of the proposed National Reform Programme (NRP);

c) Contribute to the systematisation, drafting and dissemination of guidelines on strategic planning instruments, including the creation of a comprehensive strategic reference framework;

d) Contribute to the preparation of opinion on sectoral plans, in particular with regard to their coordination with cross-cutting strategic documents;

e) Develop and promote analyses and studies, including prospectives, on economic, social or environmental issues, including in coordination with other government areas;

f) Develop tools, models and processes, using various methodologies, to support decision-making in the context of planning and public policies and their dissemination in public administration;

g) Stimulate in public administration the integration of foresight analysis principles in support of strategic decision and policy formulation;
h) Develop the tasks and objectives mentioned in the above paragraphs alongside the Network of Planning and Foresight Services of Public Administration (RePLAN), especially with regard to the coordination of the preparation of proposals related to strategic planning instruments, development of studies and dissemination of tools and methodologies.

Francisco Furtado

Head of multidisciplinary team
Biographical note

He has a PhD in Transportation Systems (MIT -Portugal at the Instituto Superior Técnico), a Master’s degree in Complex Transport Infrastructure Systems (MIT-Portugal at the Instituto Superior Técnico) and an Honour’s degree (5 years) in Civil Engineering at IST.

He has been a Modeller/analyst at the International Transport Forum (ITF -OECD, Paris) since 2016, where he has led major projects related to the decarbonisation of the transport sector in Europe (COM) and its application to emerging countries (Argentina), the simulation of shared mobility and other issues concerning the railway sector. At IST and MIT he developed projects on the expansion of the rail freight network in Brazil and a comparative study of the sector in the US and Europe.